Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tony Benn - a tribute

Tony Benn: "Democracy transferred power from the wallet to the ballot"

For all British socialists - and many around the world - Tony Benn was an iconic and inspirational figure. He perhaps developed the political philosophy of 'democratic socialism' more than any other Labour politician. In the video clip above, from the 2008 LEAP conference, Tony explained how democracy challenged capitalism - and how capitalism fought back against democracy.

LEAP Chair John McDonnell MP tweeted: "Tony Benn was the articulate advocate for socialism who inspired my generation and gave people hope of a fair and equal society."

LEAP Co-ordinator Andrew Fisher posted: "Tony Benn - inspired generations of socialists (including me) with his warmth, integrity and ideas"

John Hilary of War on Want tweeted, "RIP Tony Benn: a true internationalist, comrade in the fight for global justice and long-term friend of "

Tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy, said: "Tony Benn: simply a hero. RIP"

Katy Clark MP posted on Twitter: "Very sad news about Tony Benn. A great socialist thinker who made a massive impact. A huge loss. My thoughts are with all who loved him."

Paul Mason, former Newsnight economicscorrespondent, tweeted, "At Labour conf in 1980 & heard riveting call for 1) abolish the Lords 2) industrial democracy act 3) repeal EU powers - like detonator"

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  1. Tony Benn truly a great human who gave his life for the cause of the humblest and the lowliest. He will be loved everywhere.