Monday, 8 March 2010

Cuts? There is an Alternative

LEAP participated in another lively and positive Convention Of The Left meeting in Manchester on Saturday 27th February, which continued its refreshingly pluralistic, comradely and non-sectarian atmosphere.

One of the major tasks for the left in the coming period is solidarity with those in struggle. But another urgent task is, as the Convention Of The Left meeting was titled, Making It Public.

We will no doubt be fighting defensively for much of the near future, but there is also a responsibility on the left to break the consensus for cuts and argue publicly and forcefully for the alternatives.

Coming out of Saturday's meeting, the Left Economics Advisory Panel and Convention Of The Left have drafted a flyer for public distribution on why the cuts consensus is wrong and what the alternatives are. It's important we make the argument for a socialist alternative and give people hope.

Download the flyer - Keeping It Public

See also the LEAP letter in the Morning Star on 4th March, which followed Rob Griffiths' article the previous day, The Truth Behind the Cuts Orgy.

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  1. Sadly yes I agree with you, but it's Brown thats going to hit us with his new labour, boy how the hell did we allow this bloke to take over the party