Monday, 3 November 2008

Public meeting on Tuesday

The Economic Crisis – what role for social ownership?
Tuesday 4th November
Committee Room 5, House of Commons, London

Following the publication of the LEAP pamphlet Building the New Common Sense - social ownership for 21st century, LEAP leads a debate on what role for social ownership in the economic crisis.

Speakers include: Andrew Fisher (Chair), Gregor Gall, Gerry Gold, John McDonnell MP, Rosamund Stock

Also, you can download A Market Economy based on Common Ownership by Jerry Jones and download a copy of the presentation on social ownership Andrew Fisher gave to a meeting of the Commune. It is a much extended version of the preface to the new LEAP pamphlet, Building the new Common Sense - social ownership for the 21st century.

See you tomorrow – entry is free and everybody is welcome!

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  1. Anyone interested in social ownership may like a look at the commune's motion to LRC conference calling for more discussion on such matters.